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When you decide that all the junk that has collected in a house or in an office simply has to go, it can all be a bit overwhelming. The amount of stuff that can accumulate over the years if you don’t think about it can be quite alarming, and you may be left wondering if you would have been better off letting sleeping garbage lie (especially one of the items you’re getting rid of is a bed and you’ve got no idea how to go about proper bed disposal). There’s no denying that bulky office trash clearance is, quite literally, a load of rubbish – and the same applies to household junk removal!

Junk Removal is Cheaper 

Did you know getting rid of your rubbish with us is cheaper than hiring a skip?

Same Day Waste Disposal

Did you know our rubbish clearance experts can be with you on the same day? 

Loading Labour Included

Did you know our prices include the labour to collect and dispose of your rubbish?

Flexible Load Sizes

Did you know you can add more waste items to be removed on the spot?

The questions to do with local house garbage removal start buzzing around inside your head. Do you take it all down to the nearest rubbish dump? What about the environment? What can you and/or should you recycle and how do you do it? What about that pile of wood waste – is it still useful for something and will the nearest junk yard take that sort of thing? How are you going to get the bulky waste items like sofas, couches and refrigerators down to the nearest rubbish tip? How much is it going to cost, especially if the local household waste disposal fees are on the higher side? Some rubbish dump fees certainly aren’t on the cheap side – no wonder that when it comes to household waste recycling, London has one of the lowest rates in the country (hopefully, we can help improve those stats!).

“I was really pleased with the rubbish removal guys. They were polite and friendly, worked quickly. Loaded my sofas and garden waste in less than 30 minutes. I am happy to recommend Precision Junk Removal for their hard work and reliability.”

Colin D.

Make an Informed Decision About Junk

It seems that deciding to get rid of the clutter inside your home or office has left you with a heap of clutter in your thoughts. However, don’t despair. You’ve done the right thing for your home or your office by deciding to get rid of all the unwanted junk, and you’ll be a lot better off in the long run. Think about all those years that you’ve been treating your home environment or your workspace as a dump yard – you’re going to be free of all that unwanted junk and clobber soon (especially if you can find the best same day domestic junk disposal companies in your area).

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Don’t Panic About Rubbish Removal And Recycling!

Take a nice deep breath and relax – because Precision Junk Removal’s hard-working and experienced team of local domestic rubbish collection service providers are here to help you. We’re licensed domestic and commercial waste removal agents and we operate near you. We’re here to answer all those questions you have about household waste removal and help you with all your waste management needs. Whether it’s simply setting up a cardboard collection scheme for your business or whether it’s furniture disposal or fridge recycling while clearing out a whole house, we can help you.

You see, we have all the knowledge and the experience (and the people power) needed to help rid your home or office of all the clutter and clobber that inevitably accumulates during life. This means that you can trust us to take care of all your domestic trash disposal needs as well as your office waste disposal needs – and we do it all responsibly and with the environment in mind. When we say that we take it all, we really mean that we take it all, including tricky stuff like bulky building rubbish and rubble – and we make sure that it all goes to the right place rather than simply landing in the landfill.

How Our Local Domestic Junk Collection Services Work

The process of local house rubbish removal (and the very similar process of local commercial trash collection) starts out the same way: you’re standing there, confronted with a heap of unwanted items and you’re not sure what to do with it and you probably don’t have the time to deal with it either. After all, who’s really going to take most of their free time up with jobs like sofa removal? You need a good company to take care of it, preferably someone who offers same day commercial garbage clearance services (or same day house rubbish disposal services) and it would be nice if the company in question offers cheap commercial trash collection rates or cheap domestic garbage clearances prices as well. So you give Precision Junk Removal a call, because we do all of these (yes, we offer cheap domestic rubbish clearance rates).

When you get in contact with Precision Junk Removal, the more you can let us know about your building rubbish clearance needs or your bulky domestic waste removal needs, the better. The more we know about the sort of waste you want us to take away, the easier it will be for us to give you an accurate quote. It’s always nice to know if we’ll be dealing with bulky building rubble or fridge disposal rather than, say, wastepaper recycling. And you can rest assured that when we give you a quote for our same day office garbage removal fees, we’ll do our best to give you a very competitive price.

After we hear from you, we’ll send in our local house junk removal service team, well equipped with gloves, sturdy boots and a high-sided trailer or van (depending on your exact same day building rubbish removal needs), and we’ll get to work. It’s helpful for us if you’ve managed to collect, sort and/or bag some of your household junk, but it’s not the end of the world if you haven’t managed to do this, especially the case of bulky furniture rubbish disposal. Of course, if we have to spend time bagging and sorting, then our local house trash collection fees will be a bit higher because of the time taken – but we will still do our best to offer you cheap domestic refuse disposal rates.

We know that when you’ve made the call to get rid of your unwanted household or office junk then you want the whole thing over and done with as soon as possible? After all, who wants to have a pile of bulky commercial rubbish hanging around for ages? This is why we make it easy for you to get same day house rubbish clearance services and same day office waste recycling services if you need them.

Our team will then load all your bulky office waste or other trash into our van and/or trailers and we’ll take it away. You won’t have to think about what’s happened to your furniture waste or building site waste any more, but if you are interested or want extra reassurance that we will consider the environment (and domestic waste recycling is a hot topic these days), we will deal with it responsibly.

What Happens To Your Bulky Building Trash?

Because we are a licensed local commercial rubbish removal company, we know where to take all of your unwanted items so that the best possible thing happens to them. We can also get nice cheap building refuse disposal rates from the different waste management centres because we deal in bulk. However, despite this, we don’t just drop your office junk or household trash off at the garbage dump. Recycling and care for the environment is very important to us, just as it is to you.

Because we believe in sustainability, we will recycle as much as we possibly can. This means that in the case of, say, bulky furniture removal services, we will take items in good condition to junk yards or dealers that can find a new home for these items (the same goes for things like office furniture “waste”). It’s amazing what turns up when we go about our furniture rubbish clearance services!

After we’ve dealt with the items in good condition, we then sort out the recyclables – local commercial waste recycling is one of the things we’re really good at doing. Everything that can be recycled will be – and that includes fridge recycling! For example, bulky building waste recycling ensures that rubble becomes hardfill for building sites. If any of the items in your domestic rubbish collection are left after that, we make sure that it goes to a plant where the rubbish can be used as a resource for generating energy.

We invite you to spend a bit of time on our site finding out more about our cheap commercial trash clearance services and other services, or you can contact us at any time to find out more about what Precision Junk Removal can do for you.

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Arrived on time and removed a mountain of black bin bags from my basement flat's courtyard. I can see the sunlight again. Recommended!

Jason P.

We have been using Precision Junk Removals on a number of occasions. They did not disappoint. We will definitely use them in the future.

Michael J.

The company offered a reasonable price to collect our huge garden and building waste. The guys worked hard for 2 hours straight until the job was done. Thank you, guys.

Varsha K.

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