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OK, Londoners, it’s time to get serious about rubbish and what you do with it. Naturally, London is going to produce a whole lot of waste, given that it’s a major metropolis, but even so, homes and businesses throughout the Greater London Metropolitan area are producing way, way too much rubbish that just goes to the landfill. In fact, London is notorious in the world of rubbish disposal and waste collection for having one of the lowest recycling rates in the country.

Here’s a few little snippets and stats just to give you an idea of the problem:

  • Every year, Londoners produce enough junk to fill at least 1500 Olympic-sized swimming pools.
  • Every year, each household in London produces one tonne of waste (that’s enough to fill the typical van used by professional waste collection companies).
  • In the rest of the country, 43% of waste is recycled. In London as a whole, only 33% gets recycled, with the rates in some individual suburbs going as low as 14% (that’s Newham in East London).
  • 750,000+ tonnes of waste produced by London end up in the landfill rather than being recycled or used for waste to energy schemes.

It’s time to reverse this trend, which is why Precision Junk Removal is letting Londoners know that getting rid of household waste and commercial waste the responsible way isn’t as hard as you think it is.

Rubbish Removal London - Household Waste Clearance

Our Waste Collection And Disposal Services

At Precision Junk Removal, we want to help tidy up your place as well as London as a whole. This is why we offer a range of waste collection services for homes and businesses. We’re licensed waste removal agents, and we are able to take away rubbish and unwanted odds and ends of all types, including:

  • household waste (domestic rubbish collection)
  • garden waste (green waste and organic waste)
  • office waste and rubbish
  • paper waste
  • building site waste and rubble
  • recyclables (metal, paper, cardboard, glass, etc.)
  • house and building clearance
  • electronic waste (e-waste) collection and recycling
  • bulky rubbish collection (fridge removal)
  • man and a van” services: taking big bulky items away from your place to the best new home for them

We know that every little bit helps when it comes to rubbish removal, which is why we offer both regular services for collecting rubbish and recyclables from homes and businesses on a scheduled basis as well as on-call junk collection for those times when you’ve had a good clear-out and/or you’ve decided that it’s high time that you did something about those piles of junk sitting around in your garage, garden, attic or wherever. What’s more, because we know that when you’ve made the decision to get rid of rubbish, junk and clutter, you want to have the whole thing over and done with, we offer same-day rubbish removal services London wide!

It doesn’t matter what sort of mess, waste and rubbish you want us to take away, or where you want us to take it away from – we can handle it. We can collect your office’s bins of paper waste and take them straight to the recycling plant. We can come in to that chaotic collection of household junk left by that hoarding relative or that terrible tenant, sort the lot out and take everything to the right place, whether it’s a second-hand goods dealer, the recycling or a waste-to-energy programme. We can pick up old refrigerators and other whiteware (e.g. washing machines and dishwashers) and take them to proper recycling depots.

We operate throughout the Greater London Metropolitan Area – anywhere in the circle of the M25 motorway, from Barnet to Banstead and from Uxbridge to Upminster. We help the suburbs with the best recycling rates (Bexley, Ealing, Kingston-upon-Thames, Bromley and Hillingdon) to continue their good work – and we’re here to help the naughty suburbs with the worst recycling rates (Newham, Hammersmith, Fulham, Wandsworth, Lewisham and Westminster City) to pick up their game!

Precision Waste Collection - Rubbish Clearance in London

Precision Junk Removal London offers same day household waste collection in the UK's capital.

Our Commitment To Sustainability

Because we deal with waste, sustainability and care for the environment is a big part of what we do. After all, the problem of plastic waste and waste in general is one of the really big issues in the world of conservation and sustainability. This is why we try to sort out your household or office waste so that it all goes to the right final destination. Of course, if you’ve already sorted things into recyclable and non-recyclable, or sorted out the old unwanted household or office items that are still in good condition, that’s all the better!

We look at a number of factors when sorting out household and/or office junk and waste to ensure that it’s dealt with responsibly:

  • Reusable items (things in good condition like old clothes, office furniture, toys, books, appliances, etc.) go to our network of second-hand dealers and thrift shops so that they can find new homes with other people.
  • Food waste, garden waste and green waste can be composted and the end result used as fertiliser for parks and gardens.
  • Recyclable items will be recycled, obviously. This includes glass bottles and jars, paper and cardboard of all types, metal (steel, iron and aluminium) and many different types of plastic.
  • Rubble and building site waste: this can often be used as cleanfill and hardfill in new developments, building sites and even roads! Some types of building site waste will be taken to other destinations – for example, wood offcuts can be chipped for sawdust and metal can be recycled.
  • Electronic waste (old computers, phones, tablets, printers, etc.) can be stripped down to recover the rare and valuable metals inside them, so these are taken to specialist depots. Even electric cables can be stripped to retrieve the valuable copper inside them.
  • All other waste that simply can’t be reused in any other way (known in the junk and waste collection world as residual waste) will be taken to a depot where a lot of it will go to one of the many waste to energy schemes found throughout London. These waste to energy schemes take your household and office waste and burn them – in a way that cuts down on carbon emissions and other pollutants – and the resulting heat is used to generate electricity. It’s estimated that just one of the recently developed plants –Cory’s Riverside Energy Park in southeast London – can produce enough energy to power 10% of the homes in London. And that’s just one of the plants!

More Facts About London’s Waste And Rubbish Disposal Habits

Domestic Food Waste

The domestic food waste produced by just one borough of London in a year can produce enough energy (through anaerobic decomposition and methane capture) to meet the electricity needs of a primary school. The amount of edible food (i.e. not food that has gone off, or inedible parts such as rinds, skins and peels) thrown away by Londoners in a year would fill 42,000 buses).

Paper & Cardboard

Paper and cardboard make up about 20% of the typical rubbish produced by London households (the percentage is higher for offices).

Most Common Recyclables

The most commonly recycled material is paper – this includes carboard packaging waste, old books, newspapers and more.

Great Use for Plastic

The plastic from 25 2-L drink bottles can produce enough material to make a polar fleece jacket for an adult.


Londoners flush and tip far too much waste down the drain that just shouldn’t go there. Fat, food waste and sanitary products combine in the sewers to make what are known as “fatbergs”. The biggest one of these every recorded, which was found in London’s sewage system, weighed as much as 17 adult African elephants. That was just ONE fatberg!

Jar Shard

If every person in London recycled just one glass jar a week, that would save enough glass to completely replace all the windows in the Shard. Imagine how much could be saved if we also recycled all our glass jars and bottles!